Collaboration and Service with Guts underpins improved efficiency and lower costs

In tough times, retailers are always looking for ways to become more efficient. A key consideration in becoming a slicker, more cost-effective operation is reviewing the systems in place for Goods Not for Resale (GNFR) - that is anything that doesn’t have a price tag on it. There are generally three ways of managing GNFR costs: buy cheaper, spend better and spend less. With Worldpack, coordinating these three aims is an easy feat as they are all integral to our Service with Guts customer service mission.


Alice van der Westen, Worldpack’s Business Development Manager, told us: “We understand the retail space and the challenges that retailers face – never mind the Coronavirus pandemic. We support retailers with simplifying their sourcing, consolidation and delivery of whatever they need – whether that is safety kits for store openings, coffee machines for their hard-working colleagues, cleaning products or the latest in product design to fit the environmental remit. But our Service with Guts customer service goes further than that. Partnering with customers, we not only reduce product costs, our service also improves business efficiency through our global accredited sourcing, proactive stock management, detailed inventory analysis and bespoke delivery to store locations.”


Responsible, global sourcing 

Because of its international, assured and accredited supplier network and the scale of purchasing it does, Worldpack can source responsibly and leverage its spend to the competitive advantage of its customers, particularly on commodity items. As well as offering better value from more efficient sourcing, this global view enables brands to offer uniformity in product and brand compliance. Particularly for luxury brands, this is extremely important and with Worldpack can be managed easily. If you want the customer to have the same experience regardless of which store they visit, even down to the bag their purchase is placed in, consistency is seamless as the products will be closely managed and shipped to wherever you need them. We have access to both international premium brands as well as locally-sourced, low-cost alternatives, which ultimately means more choice.

Managing inventory

Availability is everything. Having the right product accessible at the right time at the right price is critical for a successful business and this is a given at Worldpack. But have you asked the question, ‘Do I need everything I am buying?’ Worldpack takes the time to understand your business so we can offer analysis on your usage, purchase orders and current stock. Experienced staff will review and proactively advise you on replenishing your inventory in time for peak dates, forthcoming promotions, store openings, changing seasons and trends. We can also give you insights in to slow moving stock or obsolete items, and consolidate your inventory to mitigate any financial risk or wasted spend, suggesting alternative products that offer better value on the way. Plus, we only invoice you for products when they are dispatched, so your working capital is not tied up in stock. If you have a strong historic relationship with a supplier then don’t worry, Worldpack will take on incumbent suppliers, respect the trusted partnership and generally make your life easier.


Detailed analytics

Detailed insight into your use at store level, clear sight of fast and slow moving products in your assortment, insight into your freight costs, early signals of coming trends… it is all essential information. We have a range of business intelligence tools that offer insights into this data, so you can make informed, strategic decisions.

You will have access to a personalised dashboard that can be tailored to show your preferred reports and key performance indicators. Data can be easily viewed so comparisons and trends can be quickly spotted and understood using charts, pie and bar charts. All your data is securely stored and available 24 hours a day.


One point of contact

Working with Worldpack, each customer has a professional and knowledgeable account management team, which contains an Account Manager who is your main point of contact and works as a conduit for a whole team of specialists working on your behalf. The account manager makes it a point to understand your business aims and is always on the look-out for products and solutions that will help you save costs and be more efficient. They may analyse what would be the most ideal order frequency to optimise your freight costs, or research why two stores of the same size are using a completely different number of carrier bags for example. You may think we are fanatical – we like to think of it as Service with Guts brought to life



Our multi-lingual customer service team is here to support your stores, wherever they are and is a point of contact to help your store colleagues with any questions they may have so they can focus on delighting your customers. 

Our Service with Guts is a holistic approach that has a frequency of contact that fits your brand’s needs. That may be daily contact with your team and additional monthly business review meetings where we discuss trends, sales, fast, slow and non-moving stock with you. It is a collaboration where we work out the best plan of action together.

Easy Deliveries

As part of our Service with Guts offering, we can provide delivery to your distribution centres or directly to stores. We are agile and flexible and unlike other suppliers where you may have had to jump through onerous procurement hoops, we aim to get you what you need and in good time. Alice adds: “We usually work with customers to agree a fixed cut-off date for shipping, usually for a pre-weekend delivery as that is when the stock is needed most. But exemplary customer service is really important to us, so if you need a solution or product urgently, even if it is something out of the ordinary, we rise to the challenge to get it to you within 24 hours.”



Happy customer

After working with a leading luxury worldwide clothing and footwear company for eight years, the EMEA Procurement Manager says on their relationship with Worldpack: “We have a very valuable partnership that has been growing and improving over time. This is shown by increasing business volumes and the product categories being managed by Worldpack. The business model is very successful, taking a lot of headaches away from the brands we own including sourcing, stock management, invoicing, store deliveries and follow-up.”

If you want to work with a partner who is keen to make your life easier, get you the best value sourcing products and can streamline your stock management to make it more efficient, speak to Worldpack on +31 (0) 88 494 20 80 or email us at

“We have a very valuable partnership that has been growing and improving over time. The business model is very successful, taking a lot of headaches away from the brands we own including sourcing, stock management, invoicing, store deliveries and follow-up.”

EMEA Procurement Manager
David Mines
Businss Development Director

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