Corona - COVID 19

There is no avoiding it

There is no avoiding it: Corona virus. It affects each and everyone of us.
Although we all experience the immediate effects and roughly foresee the effects of it for the near future, we did want to reach out to you.


First of all for letting you know that our service with guts is still there for you. Although most of our team members work from home for the next couple of weeks, we still do everything to service you in the best possible way. Luckily, service with guts is in our DNA, not in our office building. With the modern times we live in today, we all have quick access to each other, information and tools needed to provide it. You might notice a slightly longer waiting time when you call us, since fewer people are available to take the call. If you have a direct mobile number of your contact, please feel free to use it.


Since we keep stock for our clients, we seem to have sufficient stock for the upcoming weeks. However, products in transit might be delayed due to logistical issues such as blank sailings* and roll overs** on sea freight and delays at borders, closed borders or drivers being placed in quarantine for 14 days. We are doing our utmost best to make sure we meet iron stock levels. If there is any effect regarding your stock, we will inform you timely and discuss the best solution with you.


We all know different countries and regions have had or are in lock down. This effects some of our suppliers as well. Meaning they needed to pause or shrink their production. While in Asia, they are starting up their processes, there is the challenge of shortage in resources. Mostly due to logistic issues again. Here too, we will make sure we inform you right away if this affects you. Fortunately by being part of Bunzl plc, we have a broad network of suppliers available on global scale. This makes us more flexible in finding a solution in case a production issue occurs.


The Corona virus will not only have a huge impact on mankind on personal levels but will have a huge impact on the economy as well. Of course, within retail we all experience turnover losses. Closed stores, customers staying indoors, social life being brought back to the bare minimums. On top of that we already experience higher prices within our chain due to shortages. We see prices of raw materials increasing as well as transport costs getting higher on a daily base now. Again if this affects you, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Now more than ever we, at Worldpack, feel we should unite forces. We will unite forces with our sister companies within Bunzl, our suppliers and our customers. We would like to invite you, as our customer,  to join forces with us too. Please let us know whether we could be of any help or assistance to you in these difficult times. Whether it be the sourcing of products like hand sanitizer or full cleaning kits for reopening of your stores, help on logistical issues or an analytical report on your stock to take strategic decision for the future. Even if it is something you normally would not turn to Worldpack for, just give us a call. Delivering service with guts means we are not afraid of challenges outside of our daily scope. Let’s help each other out here.

Jay Jay Geurts
Customer service hero

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