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Business intelligence. For indispensable insights.

Detailed insight into your usage at store level, clear sight of fast and slow moving products in your assortment, insight into your freight costs, early signals of coming trends… it is all indispensable information. Our Business Intelligence Tools give you insight into this data so you can make well informed strategic decisions.

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Made to measure online dashboard

Via a personal login you will have access to a personalized dashboard that can be tailored to show your preferred reports and key performance indicators. Data can be easily interrogated so comparisons and trends can be gained quickly. Complex data can be visually presented in charts, pie and bar charts so that it can be simply understood. All your data is securely stored and available at the touch of your fingers 24 hours a day.

Your Inside Sales Account Manager analyses your data and proactively advises you on operational improvements and/or costs reductions you could realise. For instance, they may analyse what would be the most ideal order frequency  to optimize your freight costs, or researches why 2 stores of the same size have a complete different usage in carrier bags.

Insight on market developments

Business intelligence is not only about operational and usage data. We also keep a close eye on the market. Early recognition of upcoming trends, the quick follow up on innovations, identifying areas of risk… as a strategic partner of leading retailers, we see ourselves as a source of knowledge within our market. By combining market information with our internal data we are on top of the latest developments, which we openly share with our customers so they can be the leaders in their markets. .

Our Business Intelligence Tools give you insight into your data so you can make well informed strategic decisions.

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