Garment bags

Sold a luxurious suit or dress? Hand it over in a garment bag.

Did your customer buy that well cut suit or a luxurious dress? Sometimes a beautiful carrier bag just isn’t enough, while handing it over in a protective garment bag hits the right spot. This way your customers can take their item home safe and wrinkle free. You could choose an unbranded bag, but by branding the garment bags with your unique logo you turn the garment bag into a powerful marketing tool! Worldpack delivers garment bags in different sizes, colours materials and designs to enhance your customers experience.

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Have you unique garment bag designed

Will you choose a garment bag in vivid colours? Or do you keep it neutral, adding only your logo or brand name? Our creative studio advises you about the design and will match your desires with the materials and printing techniques available. Our designers translate your ideas into flaming designs, or make sure your existing artwork matches the used materials and printing techniques. This section is a repeat and needs to be rewritten!

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