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Discover the unique combination of the AerPRO ceiling panels with the AL-KO AIRSAFE air purifier, for effective protection against aerosolized viruses.

Breathing clean, germ and virus free air is important to our health and our performance. Every single day, bacteria and viruses challenge our immune system. And our sensitive airways are put to the test by allergens, dust, spores, and other particles around us. According to the latest science, aerosols in enclosed spaces are responsible for 80% of cases of coronavirus spread. These aerosols are released when we speak, cough or sneeze, and often hang in the air for a long time. When people breathe in these aerosols, they can become infected.

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Technical file


  • Suitable for spaces up to 75 m³
  • Maximum air flow 125 m³ air per hour
  • UV-C Lamp 2x 16 watts


  • AIRSAFE 1200 for spaces up to 75 m²
  • Airflow low 600m³/h or high 1200m³/h
  • AIRSAFE 1600 for spaces up to 100 m²
  • Airflow low 800m³/h or high1600m³/h

Healthy air for safe social contacts in open spaces

The AERCLEAN air purifiers are used to stop the spread of viruses like the coronavirus. This is the perfect solution for spaces where more people gather, or where it is not otherwise possible to have good ventilation: Shops, office and meeting spaces, consulting and waiting rooms, schools, cafeterias, gyms, libraries or other spaces in the hospitality sector.

The AERCLEAN air purifiers can also contribute to better health for you, your employees and your colleagues, by purifying your working space. The systems filter 99.95% of all viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores and aerosols, so you always have fresh and healthy working and common spaces.

To measure is to know

We now know that coronavirus spread through aerosols in the air in more than 80% of the cases. These aerosols filled with virus load are released when we talk, cough or sneeze, and generally can hang in the air for longer periods of time. Considering we often don’t know how good, or how bad, the quality of the air that we breathe is (CO2, air humidity, temperature, etc.), measuring air quality at regular intervals has become more important.  

With the equipment of Hero Balancer, this information is always available, also online. To purify the air, we have two solutions that reinforce one another. These are the AL-KO AIRSAFE and the AerPRO. Discover this unique combination for effective protection against aerosolized viruses.

Our way to tackle aerosols:

  • Hero Balancer measurement equipment and software
  • AL-KO AIRSAFE (a high-quality filter air purifier with Hepa filtering)
  • AerPRO ceiling panel (a built-in ceiling panel with UV-C lamps and ionization)
  • To ensure that aerosols do not hang in the air, it is important to guarantee a humidity level between 40%-60%. We offer Condair humidifiers to keep the right humidity levels.
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