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Clean stores create happy customers

First impression count. A clean, tidy store creates happy faces, for you and your customers. At Worldpack you can buy all you need to keep your store shining. From microfiber cloth, scouring pad and dish wash brushes to squeegee, brooms and vacuum cleaners. We also have a broad assortment of cleaning agents, varying from dish wash soap and glass spray to floor cleaners from the leading international brands and home brand alternatives. In short, all you need to keep your store spotless! Browse through our Brand Store to see the complete assortment

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Cleaning safely and sustainable

Are you looking for cleaning chemicals in your store, canteen or office that are more environmentally friendly? We get that! That is why our assortment holds a wide range of cleaning agents that are fully vegetal and 100% biodegradable, that have less impact on the environment. These products are produced from by-products such as corn, beetroot, bran and coconut and have no artificial additives. You can therefore use them without gloves.


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