Stock management

Having stock available at any time. Even during peaks.

Some products can’t be missed in store. Shopping bags, for example. Or till rolls! What about clothes hangers, gift packaging and paper cups? All items in store play their part and are daily essentials.They need to always be on hand, certainly during peak moments. When Worldpack manages your stock, you’ll be assured of just that.

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Sophisticated forecasts guarantee availability

We analyse your usage, purchase orders and your current stock together with your peak moments, because promotional activities, store openings, changing seasons, trends…. all impact the demand for packaging and in-store products as well.

Our experienced Inventory Managers analyse all data with the help of professional tools. We than use this information to proactively inform you and advise on replenishing your inventory on time. We can also give you insight in to slow moving stock or obsolete items and manage them to mitigate any financial risk. You don’t have to worry about your stock. We got it covered.

Availability, ease and financial benefit

Availability of your retail supplies and packaging is the top priority within inventory management. But there are more benefits. We only invoice products that are ordered by your store(s) after they are shipped. So you only pay for them when you use them, releasing important working capital.


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Having stock available during peaks? We got it covered

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