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Making customers feel seen

Diversity and Inclusion In-Store

Your FAQs answered

GNFR (Goods Not for Resale) Cost Consolidation

Think big, throw some shapes and make some noise with your window displays

Throw some shapes with Worldpack’s 3D printed mannequins

Ho Ho Ho

How is your Xmas holiday planning going?

Make your summer last longer by stocking up now on GNFR essentials

Forget the sunscreen – Worldpack has you covered!

Great customer relationships don’t just happen

Building customer relationships by listening

What’s hot and what’s not

Omnichannel in 2024

Worldpack heads into Earth Month with a range of new sustainable products helping retailers to be even greener in store

Hangers and mannequins

Smarter Green Thinking from Worldpack

Earth Day 2024

Worldpack launches its own range of in-store consumable products

Worldpack Originals

Worldpack gets stuck on you with customised static stickers

Want to get stuck in?

Improving environmental impact in-store and through retail deliveries

Earth Month 2024

Full steam ahead for Worldpack in 2024

Interview with Jos

How can you bring financial stability to your supply chain in 2024?

Consolidation and cost

Boost your retail goals with Worldpack

Superbowl Style: Are you building brand awareness through large sporting events?

New Sales Manager for Worldpack as part of ambitious growth plans

Strong team to help you with retail challenges

Who, or what, is your star performer?

Six Nations 2024

The Ocean Cleanup’s aim is to have removed 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040

Worldpack supports The Ocean Clean Up

The future looks bright for retail in 2024

Retail Outlook 2023

Retail workers are the hidden heroes of Christmas

Celebrate the retail worker in your life this Christmas

We’ve rounded up some of the key take-aways from 2023 for retailers, so that you can start 2024 off on the right foot

Retail Roundup 2023

How Will EU Legislation Impact Retailers?

Going Green in 2024


󠀠Retail Skills Gap: what skills are essential for success in 2023 and beyond?

October’s Lunar Eclipse

Stop moonlighting and focus on your customers

What can the Rugby World Cup teach us about competing in a demanding marketplace?

Rugby World Cup 2023

How do you future-proof your store using phygital approaches?

The future of stores; the phygital world

Sustainability With Guts

Worldpack’s Sustainability Report 2022

What you need to turn packaging disposal into an experience

Making customers feel good about packaging disposal


Balancing the psychology of the retailer and the shopper

Football fever has taken over the world again

What can retailers learn from Women’s World Cup 2023?

Retail's diversity and inclusion have faced scrutiny in recent years

Diversity and Inclusion in Retail

How Can Retailers Weather the Storm?

Cost of Living Crisis

How can fashion retailers make better sales for consumers, themselves and the planet

Fashion & Sustainability

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience

Creating a seamless omnichannel experience

How are stores maximising its potential?

In-store personalisation is omnichannel’s new powerhouse

Europe simply loves Eurovision

Lessons from Eurovision on brand loyalty and customer experience

It’s important for us to remember that our responsibility to the planet also means a responsibility to people

Earth Day 2023

Where should you start capitalising on digital shifts in the customer journey?

The impact of digital shifts on the customer journey

Sustainable retail trends

Looking ahead to Earth Month

Omnichannel is still the key to a first-class customer experience

Getting Omnichannel ‘Right’


Sharing the Supply Chain Love for Optimised Efficiency and ‘Just in Case’ security

Your chance to get the support you need behind the scenes

EuroShop 2023

Retail is still very much riding the recovery-rollercoaster

Approaching Retail in 2023 with Guts

Sustainability is never out of the headlines today

A Greener Store for 2023

‎This will help you shape 2023 and beyond

Retail Roundup 2022: a year of evolution

Make it magical

Virtual Reality Could Help You Beat the 2022 Festive Slowdown

Keeping our promises in 2022 and beyond

Sustainability with Guts

How do you avoid the endless gift boxes?

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Retail Worker in Your Life

Hup Holland Hup

2022 FIFA World Cup

How to create a winning team

Lessons from Formula 1

Ensuring that your customers can shop safely and with confidence needs to remain a priority for retailers

A return to normal? Not yet.

Weathering the energy crisis storm together

Energy crisis

“Biases are stories we make up about people before we get to know them”

Tackling unconscious bias in retail

Make it easier

What can the supply chain learn from retailers’ focus on a great delivery experience?

Why it’s good for our business

Sustainable Infrastructure

Fulfilment Focus

How our bigger warehouse is helping 
our customers with GNFR & omnichannel

The Supply Chain in 2022

Obstacles & Opportunity

blending big events with your shopping experience

Eventailing & Omnichannel

The unboxing effect

How to make your shipping boxes an essential part of the omnichannel experience

Customer experience

Balancing humanity and automation in-store

Procuring Well

End of life use

Bringing customers back to retail spaces

Re-imagining the in-store experience

Earth day

Greener thinking for long term sustainable wins

Interview with our Poject Manager

The evolution of the Worldpack brand store

Retail tech trends

Keeping abreast of retail tech trends

Paralympics & retail

Channelling the Paralympic values to bring change within retail

Go-to solution

Omnichannel in a brave new world

Micro fulfilment in retail

The evolution of the supply chain

Goods Not For Resale

Working with Worldpack

Retail landscape

Sustainable retail trends for 2022

Service with Guts 2.0

Worldpack expands her warehouse facility

2021 Retail Lessons Learned

Make retail in 2022 a resounding success

Ever-changing landscape

What can Formula 1 teach us about success in retail?

Data in omnichannel

Becoming data driven in retail to win with Omnichannel

Plastic myths misconceptions

Is plastic packaging the answer to cardboard and paper supply chain issues?

Diversity & wellbeing

How can retail make transformational changes to diversity and inclusion agendas?

Be creative with solutions

Considerations for managing the supply chain situation

Winner in the global pandemic

Taking Retail Mobile; how you can benefit from the boom in mobile shopping

The predominant model

What’s the secret to successful omnichannel retail? Rich data

The Paralympic Games

When retail is more accessible, everyone benefits

Sporting Events

Smarter, branded campaign planning is required to keep ahead of retail sales

Sustainable packaging

What does the EU’s Single Use Plastic Directive mean for your business?

Raw materials

Shortages are still with us: it’s time to start planning for Christmas

Worldpack’s Sustainability Report 2020

Worldpack promises ‘Sustainability with Guts’ with the launch of its first sustainability report

Challenges facing retail

The future of retail stores

Retail environment

Best practice in omnichannel

Shortages in raw materials

Is better planning the solution to Europe’s plastic and paper shortage?

Large-scale disruption

Crisis Mitigation in the Supply Chain

Physical retail

The tech at the heart of retail’s post-covid resurgence

In-store sustainability

What positive sustainability steps can retailers take in-store?

Retail environment

Opening up to the new normal

Business Intelligence

Using analytics to keep ahead of the curve

Supply Chain

What do you need to be a smooth operator?

Retail mindset

Value and Convenience are both drivers for customer satisfaction in 2021


What would omnichannel look like if money was no object?

Sustainability Project

Did you know that we lose 10 billion trees every year? And that while we need trees so badly. Therefore Bunzl Nederland and the other operating companies are going to plant trees over the next 2 years. We will do this in cooperation with United Packaging Forest and Trees for All. 🌱
Planting trees has a much broader impact on people, animals and the environment than just capturing CO2. To make a good start Bunzl has already planted 200 trees. And this is only the beginning! The most important goal: plant as many trees as possible!

Keep an eye on our website and LinkedIn page for updates on how Worldpack is committed to this project!

Creative packaging design studio

Packaging is a powerful marketing tool. A way of connecting your brand to your customers and communicating your message to a wider audience. The way it looks, how it feels and the materials used in it’s construction all send a message directly or subtly about your brand. Therefore it is important to have a partner who can get it right, every time.

Our studio ›

Less is more in Assortment Management

Eight different types of pens, that last box of carrier bags with your old logo… if you can’t find the time to monitor your in-store assortment it will pollute in no time. By outsourcing your assortment management to Worldpack you will prevent duplicates and old, obsolete stock. This way assortment management can save you money.

Assortment management >

Logistics with Guts: everything in time in the right place

Shipping a box within the Benelux? Of course! Shipping twelve pallets to the Canary Islands? No problem! Sending mannequins to Dubai? That’s not a problem either!

Worldpack delivers in-store products to all corners of the world. In full, on time and within the agreed budget. Direct to store or picked and collated to store level for delivery to your DC and everything in between. You decide how far our service extends.

Logistic services >

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  • We grow with what you need.

About Worldpack

Worldpack is a market leader for the supply of packaging and the consolidation of in-store retail supplies. We are the strategic partner for retailers all over the world, sourcing, stocking and delivering their retail supplies and retail packaging direct to their stores or supply chain network. Since 2009, Worldpack is part of Bunzl plc, a listed world leader in outsourcing and distribution of non-food products. Bunzl is active in 32 countries and financially very stable. That does not only benefit us, but you as well.

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Wout de Beer
Supply Chain Manager