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Working at Worldpack

We promise our customers ‘service with guts’ in goods not for resale for retailers around the globe.
We can only do this by having a passionate, enthusiastic and professional team. Therefore we are looking to recruit people who share the Worldpack – DNA and can become an active member of our team. Sounds like you? Then we want to meet you!

Working at Worldpack

Guys and Girls with Guts

At Worldpack, located in Eindhoven, works a passionate and professional team of people. They share their specialist knowledge to add value and benefit to our customers. From our focus point ‘service with guts’ they push their boundaries and enlarge our playing field on a daily base.

“You are given room for entrepreneurship here. Whatever place you have within the organisation, you are invited to share or act out ideas if it creates a benefit for the company or our clients.”

Processes? Yes. But not to the expense of the customer.

We know good processes are needed to make sure that the daily businesses operations run smoothly. Every team member at Worldpack knows what to do and when to do it. But we have the guts to be flexible.

We first look at the needs of our customers. And if needed we adapt our process to reach the goals of our customers. Whether it is a small action required at that specific moment, or a change in our all-over process.

Yes, it does take guts to challenge your daily activities in such a fashion time after time. But we like that challenge. Because of this approach, and because of our enthusiasm to deliver a made to measure service, we have many long standing relationships with happy customers.


You are genuinely stimulated to develop yourself. If you have something in store and you want to move forward, you will receive maximum support here.

Eline van Mill
Human Resource Manager

The values of Worldpack

To feel at home at Worldpack, you need to like change. We are operating in a very dynamic market, where no a day is the same and time literally costs money.

You also need to share our 5 key values. They are in our DNA; you see and feel them here every day. They give us the drive to always search for ways to add value for retailers all over the world.


Work hard, play hard

We work hard to offer our customers service with guts, but we play hard as well. For example, we organize a pub quiz with accompanying drinks at least twice a year.

Eline van Mill
HR Manager

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