Shipping boxes

Whether forwarding goods from a factory or warehouse to retail, or delivering orders to customers, cardboard shipping boxes are an essential component of any supply chain. Inexpensive to produce, light to reduce transportation costs, and easy to store when folded flat, they can be ordered in bulk and stored until needed, helping to keep costs low and administration simple. Increasingly, shipping boxes are an environmentally friendly option too. Not only can they be efficiently recycled at the end of their useful life: they can also be constructed using pulp from paper or card that has been used once already. Choose the right shipping boxes, and it is not just costs you will be cutting: you will be cutting emissions, too.


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Cardboars shipping boxes

Available in a range of densities and a choice of sizes, shipping boxes are the ideal solution to transporting stock between depots, stores and offices. They can be pre-printed for products shipped in quantity over extended periods, or left blank for generic use and labelling on-site.

Postage boxes

From discrete, buff packaging, to glossy printed card designed to excite your customer on delivery, your choice of postage box says a lot about who you are and what you are selling. We source the broadest possible range of materials to produce postage boxes for any business and each of their customers, whatever the product they are shipping. With eco-friendly options, unconventional shapes, space saving options and built-in protection that breaks down when no longer required, our range of postage boxes is second to none – and it’s still growing.

Packaging for peace of mind

Few organisations have their own logistics network, which means products are out of their hands as soon as they enter the postal network. Our postage boxes are designed to keep them safe on their journey – from end to end – reducing the likelihood of returns or disappointed customers. Appropriate packaging protects the products it contains and, in doing so, helps protect your brand, too.

Mailing boxes

With capacities to suit every purpose, mailing boxes are delivered flat-packed, which makes them easy to store until they are required. Once made up, the mailing boxes are easy to stack, which simplifies logistics and makes load planning easier.

With direct printing at the point of manufacture, mailing boxes can also become an integral part of your marketing mix, carrying your brand and values and helping to build your presence as they move through from depot to doorstep

Shipping supplies to suit your business

Whether you are running a multi-site distribution network with automated packing lines, or you are a start-up handling every mailing box personally, your packaging needs are unique. We can work with you to identify which supplies best suit your products, business model and image.

E-commerce boxes

Online competition is fierce and consumers are impatient. By choosing appropriate packaging for e-commerce orders, you can not only make cost reductions – which can be passed on to customers – but also reduce the time it takes to box up, protect and ship each product. Intelligently thought-out packaging pays dividends, giving you a better chance of competing with, or beating, your rivals.

Protecting your products – and your brand

After placing an order online, the package in which your product arrives will usually be the first physical interaction a customer has with your brand and its values. Worldpack’s e-commerce boxes are designed to make a good first impression, which is where – and when – it most counts. Don’t worry if you don’t have artwork ready to use. Our creative studio will work with you to produce bespoke packaging for e-commerce that emphasises your values and helps remote customers identify more closely with what you offer.

Packaging design studio

You can only make a first impression once. Make sure it is a good one. Worldpack’s creative design studio has been helping clients around the world produce boxes that present their contents, and the companies that created or shipped them, in an engaging, attractive manner. All this, while making sure the box fulfils its core purpose: keeping the customer’s order safe.

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