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E-commerce packaging for all your online orders.

The importance of online stores keeps growing every day, and therefore the use of e-commerce packaging does too. The range of products supplied online is expanding and the demands on the packaging to safely deliver these diverse products to customers, while communicating the brand values, has increased too. 

Don’t worry, we have this covered. Our knowledgeable team can offer the best fit packaging for your product range, so your items can be securely, safely and efficiently shipped. We can also advise on printing and construction options to communicate your brand values. 

But what about the handling? Different packaging needs different kind of handling. Whether you do it manually or automated, we will make sure you can handle them quick and easy. Time is money!

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Quick handling saves valuable time.

Online retail is a fast market. Delivery times are short, and expectations of consumers are high. The quick and efficient handling of your e-commerce packaging is therefore highly important. How much time does it take you to set up a shipping box, put the article in and close the box? The correct choice in e-comm packaging saves you loads of time and money. We are here to help you make the right choice for your business

Have your unique e-commerce packaging designed.

How do you ship your e-com orders? In a postage bag, or in a box? For either packaging you want to make sure they deliver a good first impression. Will you choose packaging in a vivid colour? Or just your logo on it? You decide. Our creative studio will advise you and match your desires with the best materials and printing techniques. They will translate your ideas into creative designs, or will make sure your current artwork matches the chosen materials and printing techniques.

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