Assortment Management

Continuous focus on your in-store assortment.

Eight different types of blue pens, a lost box of carrier bags with the old logo.. when there is limited focus on your assortment of in-store products, it can get out of control in no time. Before you know it your shelves are filled with duplicate products and old, obsolete stock. All unusable stock that is costing you money instead of making it.
Would you rather focus on your customers and business? Outsource your assortment management to Worldpack and we will manage your inventory to ensure your product range meets your business needs and proactively inform you in the event of better alternatives. This way assortment management can save you money. Not only that, we only invoice you for products when they are dispatched, so your working capital is not tied up in stock.

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Save money by consolidation and rationalisation.

Does your assortment contain a lot of similar products? Or different products doing the same task? Is your valuable storage space taken up with products bought once but no longer ordered by your stores? Do the products in your assortment add value to you have business. Our knowledgeable assortment managers actively review your assortment and business needs to consolidate similar products and suggest alternative products that can add value. The products that deliver the best value will remain, and the rest will be rationalised as much as possible. Our stock managers will in the meantime make sure that the old stock is sold first to ensure a smooth transition.

Focus on innovations and smart alternatives.

The retail market moves fast and new products come to market continuously. Interesting innovation and improvements to existing products,  our assortment managers monitor these kind of developments closely. Because of our international sourcing network and our purchasing scale, we have access to both international premium brands as well as locally sourced low cost alternatives. This way we keep your assortment perfectly in order and provide costs savings and distinctiveness at the same time.

Clear insight in your product streams.

We continue to invest in technologies that add value to our customers. One such area is business intelligence. Insight into spend and usage can be broken down by user,  product, category, region, store… we capture it, make it available and visible via management reporting and secure online tools. We use this information to  give you proactive advise on changes to your assortment that adds value to your business. Our business intelligence tools allow you to interrogate your data so that comparisons can be made, trends highlighted and understood. Small changes can create major savings.

A small change in your assortment can create major savings

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