Carrier bags

The best commercial outing in hands of your customer

Carrier bags remain indispensable within retail. They reinforce your brand and enlarge your visibility.
That makes them the perfect promotional tool for your store. Worldpack delivers bags in all shapes and sizes. Paper, cotton, (recycled) plastics, jute, starch or synthetic forms. Budget friendly or extremely luxurious. Single use or reusable. And of course, with your unique branding. 

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Carrier bag inspiration

Have your unique carriers bags designed.

Do you hand your customers a luxurious shopper? Or a single use carrier? Does it have you logo on it, or a special campaign image? All can be realised. Our creative studio will advise you and match your desires with the best materials and printing techniques. They will translate your ideas into eye catching designs, or will make sure your current artwork matches the chosen materials and printing techniques.

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Sustainable carrier bags

Sustainability is a hot topic. Legislation around consumables is tightening  up and customers are becoming more environmentally consciousness. Do you want to respond with a sustainable carrier bag? Not a problem. Besides bags made from paper and recycled plastics, we also deliver bags made from starch, corn, cotton and other sustainable materials. Come and talk to us about the options open to you.

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Trends and Legislation 

As a strategic partner for leading retailers, you can be assured that we are on top of the latest developments, International trends and local legislation.  We have a wealth of knowledge for our market which is constantly being updated.
This way we put ourselves and our customer ahead of competition.

Matthijs Buitenhuis
New Business Development

Want to know more on Trends and Legislation? Just ask.

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