How can you bring financial stability to your supply chain in 2024?

Consolidation and cost

Disruption is a word that many retailers are sick of hearing.

But disruption to supply chains has been a familiar and consistent theme since 2020. As we wrote about previously, McKinsey & Company expects companies to experience large-scale supply chain disruption every three to four years.

This is a huge adjustment, still, for many retailers that don’t have stability or agility built into their supply chains.

Protecting yourself against the volatile global landscape is becoming essential in order to maintain great customer experience, healthy profit margins and progress on sustainability goals.

“Experiences in recent years have created a thirst for solutions that simplify these uncertainties and provide resilience in coping with current realities. We are seeing a growing demand for technology to address these challenges from demand forecasting through to the latest warehouse management system and order management system solutions.” Will Lovatt, General Manager and Vice President, Deposco Europe.

Partnering with a reliable supplier enables you to build in resilience to your supply chain. And many of our customers have worked with us for on average eight years because we can help with different aspects of financial stability such as smart forecasting and stock control and cost avoidance in procurement.

Here’s how we’re best placed to do that for you in 2024.

Protecting yourself from price rises

Disruption can appear in your supply chain from many different places and, as recent history has taught us, can often appear all at the same time.

The fragility of the European economy has continued to put pressure on retailers – with growth remaining small and inflation staying high. This has meant that natural resource costs are high, impacting margins and translating into higher product prices for customers.

And while high resource costs don’t show any signs of returning to pre-pandemic levels, recent global turmoil with war in Ukraine and Gaza has sent transport and freight costs spiralling for many businesses. European shipping operators Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk both suspended shipping through the Red Sea – increasing rates as alternative routes take longer. One British-based business saw their shipping rates increase 250% in early January 2024.

As part of Bunzl, our purchasing power brings security to you during times of economic upheaval.

  • Our capacity to purchase in large quantities means that our purchase prices remain lower even when costs are rising.
  • We can leverage global Bunzl Group purchasing agreement for the benefit of our customers.
  • Our knowledgeable category managers are able to tender our customers’ requirements across our assured and accredited supply chain and build long-term partnership to ensure best value pricing. 
  • The account team and supply chain managers ensure that we have the right products, at the right quantities, at the right prices.

This means any increases are generally smaller, making them easier to absorb and less impactful on your margins or customer price increases. To enable cost avoidance in your procurement for those GNFR products you know you will use and won’t want to run out of, we are a lifeline.

Partner with confidence

In a recent podcast from McKinsey & Company, Knut Alicke and Radu Palamariu (co-authors of From Source to Sold: Stories of Leadership in Supply Chain), explain that the future success of your supply chain relies on your ability to model future scenarios. And the only way to do this is to have a holistic view of everyone, and everything, in it.

When we partner with you, we’re not simply offering better purchasing power and price protection. We work alongside you in a flexible way so that you can take control of your purchasing schedules and spend, allowing you to react and respond to changes as and when they happen.

Agility and security in your supply chain could look like:

  • Finding alternative products and swaps that are cheaper or more sustainable
  • Amending your payment terms or contract
  • Only paying for your products when they leave our warehouse (we don’t charge in advance)
  • Getting help planning and forecasting what you need, when you need it, and knowing it will be available without delays
  • Building a great relationship with us so that we understand your systems, helping you to run a lean supply chain
  • Grouping deliveries – delivering more, less often to reduce your transport costs

We’ve helped thousands of retailers bring stability into their supply chain so let us help you to do the same.

Work with a partner who will provide service with guts and help with stock management and cost avoidance in procurement. Speak to our team on +31 (0) 88 494 20 80 or email us at


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