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Successful retailers have always been align in responding to market conditions, trends and the needs of their customers, but the situations around COVID-19 has pushed these skills to their limits. Physical stores being forced to close overnight, online demand rising rapidly and no clear sight of when this situation is going to end, these are truly unprecedented times. However, we see many retailers slowly and carefully opening stores again. Each and every one considering their options and ensuring  everything is in place to comply with the social distancing rules, as they are likely to be in place for quite some time to come. The new challenge is how to engage with your customers while ensuring a safe physical environment for them and in-store colleagues.

Not always an easy tasks, especially when there are general shortages of high demand Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items such as facemasks, hand-gels and protective gloves which allow for the safe opening of stores. Even floor stickers and protective screens might be a challenge to obtain at the moment. At Worldpack, we have been supporting our customers with all their goods not for resale (GNFR) for over 30 years. In simple terms this means we source, consolidate and deliver to stores any branded and non-branded product that a retailer needs to open and run a store. This includes all COVID-19 related products.  

At Worldpack we like a challenge. This was the moment to, once again, show what our Service with Guts means and make sure we continue to be the one-stop-shop for goods not for resale. As part of Bunzl plc we have access to a vast international sourcing network which includes markets such as personal protection materials, hygiene products and medical support products. We have a network of assured and audited suppliers, built on long term relationships, agility and quality of products. Ever so important, as we increasingly see evidence of warehouses filled with poor quality items on the news.  As Marc Wullems, Purchasing Manager at Worldpack says “We want to make sure we deliver the quality customers are used to from Worldpack. Even though some products might be scarce, if not supplied by an audited supplier who meets our quality and ethical standards we choose not to trade with them as our network is broad enough to source elsewhere. This to make sure we comply with the requirements we have in place for many years now.”                

We are fortunate to have long term relationships with our PPE suppliers which provides us with a steady supply of high demand items such as face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and protective screens. Although availability is key, so is good communication. Gertjan Lansink, Sales Manager at Worldpack says “Our long term relationships with customers are built on mutual trust and transparency. In a time where everybody is in need of the same products we want to make sure everybody knows what to expect and when. That means we are in constant contact with our customers, to discuss demand and supply, and make sure everybody is serviced in the best way possible.”

To support our global customers meet the current challenges presented by the Corona Virus we have created a standard Covid-19 assortment containing everything retailers might need to re-open their stores while complying to the social distancing guidelines still in place.

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Gertjan Lansink
Sales Manager

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