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Diversity and Inclusion In-Store

In-store diversity and inclusion might not seem like a high priority for many retailers, but growing evidence shows that it’s pivotal for your success. 85% of black consumers say that seeing themselves represented impacts whether they buy from or engage with a brand.

Yet many retailers still aren’t doing enough to make a difference. In the UK, 66% of retailers still don’t have specific diversity and inclusion targets in place. Putting specific goals in place can really help implement your diversity and inclusion policies, so your customers and your staff begin to see positive change.

And this positive change needs to extend to your retail stores, and to become the living and breathing embodiment of your values.

Here’s how you can begin to make a real difference to diversity and inclusion throughout.

Bring policy to life

We’ve previously written about the power of policy and making meaningful changes within your retail business, but your policy isn’t just for internal use. It needs to be felt outside of the organisation itself.

Colgate Palmolive Switzerland has become one of Europe’s leading retail brands to openly share its culture of diversity and inclusion with its customers. It talks in detail about its own internal policies and strategy, but also talks about how it spreads these messages among the community and customers, by attending local events that align with its policies and being seen to embody their approach.

The sky really is the limit for where you choose to bring your Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) policies to life. You can attend events aimed at working mothers, LGBTQ+ meetups, or career fairs for people living with learning disabilities or neurodivergent conditions.

Or you can run those events in-store, to align with your own brand and policies. Whatever you do, make sure your actions are authentic, reflect your policy and are visible to your customers so they can see it in action.


Create inclusivity in the customer experience

Your retail store is the place to showcase your EDI policies to create long-lasting impact. From inclusive product ranges to store accessibility, your retail stores offer you the chance to put your money where your mouth is and make change happen for your customers.

Pop superstar Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, has become a champion of diversity and inclusivity for creating a huge range of foundations for over 50 skin tones. It changed the makeup industry for women of colour, becoming the first makeup brand renowned for creating truly inclusive ranges of products.

And Portuguese supermarket chain, Continente, is trialling an inclusive store concept to improve the shopping experience for people with disabilities.

Whether you choose to expand your product range for inclusivity (creating wider ranges of sizes, colours or products designed at helping those with disabilities) or you choose to focus on making your store more inclusive by using diverse mannequins, language assistance, or wider aisles, every effort will help you to live out your EDI goals and promises to customers.


Think ‘people first’

Representation is key for your EDI efforts to carry meaning with customers. Using diverse models and actors in advertising campaigns and in-store displays helps to emphasise your policies and beliefs.

Hiring a diverse range of staff and making sure there is representation in all role levels also highlights your commitment to EDI and helps your customers feel welcome in your stores.

The Accenture report, ‘All In: How inclusion and Diversity Drive Shoppers’ Behaviour’ highlights just how important representation is in retail stores. It says that sixty-two percent of shoppers would switch from a retailer where they feel unwelcome or unfairly treated.

But it’s not simply about representation, making sure your staff are trained on diversity and inclusion helps foster an environment of respect among staff and customers – making them feel welcome.

Asking for customer feedback might feel like a bold step, but it could help you to transform how your store feels for marginalised customers and allow you to make positive change for your brand.


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