Omnichannel is still the key to a first-class customer experience

Getting Omnichannel ‘Right’

One thing is clear for retail in 2023: Omnichannel is still the key to a first-class customer experience. Since the pandemic turbo-boosted the growth of a seamless customer journey, brands have begun to put more and more thought into how to get omnichannel right.

But what does ‘right’ look like when it comes to omnichannel? And how can you apply those principles to your own retail experience?

Omnichannel looks different depending on the retail market, format and audiences that you’re targeting – so one-size certainly doesn’t fit all. But there are some examples of forward-thinking brands that are hitting the sweet spot with omnichannel, inspiring us all to think big.

“Those at the top of their omnichannel game prioritise, and invest in, the continuous optimisation and enhancement of customer experiences.” Rosemary Okolie, Salesforce.

With that in mind, here’s what ‘right’ looks like for some of them.

Pets At Home

British-based Pets at Home, a chain of pet care stores, has used its VIP Club to enable a rich omnichannel experience for its customers. Data collected via the club’s App and website, including product preferences and pet information, allows for tailored offers and timely direct marketing. Active members of the scheme have grown by 13% and analysis reveals that members of the Puppy & Kitten VIP club typically spend a third more than non-members.

And all these offers are synced up with the company’s deliver from store and one-hour Click and Collect services. In fact, Pets at Home can boast that it fulfils approximately one third of online orders through its store network. They say that this offers “best-in-class fulfilment” which is great for customers and operational efficiency.

Peter Pritchard, Pets at Home Group Chief Executive Officer, attributes much of their growth to omnichannel success. "Our unique, omnichannel pet care strategy continues to deliver strong revenue growth, reflecting continued momentum in customer acquisition, engagement and spend as the benefits of our ongoing investment in capacity and capability really start to deliver.”

Pets At Home shows how omnichannel can truly put you in touch with your audience.


You might think that omnichannel is all about gathering data and increasing profit. But French retail chain, Carrefour, shows that omnichannel isn’t just about getting. It can help retailers to give back too.

As part of the Pièces Jaunes campaign, which helps improve the living conditions of children in hospitals throughout France, Carrefour used its omnichannel strategy to enable customers to fundraise easily in-store. Customers could donate by rounding up their spending at hypermarket and supermarket checkouts, online by scanning an in-store QR code or giving small change in piggy banks throughout shops.

Using omnichannel to embed philanthropy among your retail network and your customers is a smart way to think differently about the opportunities omnichannel can bring. If giving back is big on your agenda, then consider how omnichannel can help make that easier for you.


French-based sports warehouse, Decathlon, made major changes to its omnichannel approach thanks to the pandemic. Because of these changes, it has “doubled its share of online sales every year since 2019, reaching close to 30 percent in 2021.” McKinsey & Company.

How did they do it? After analysing its data, Decathlon noticed that home deliveries had fallen and click and collect services were on the increase. In September 2020, it decided to capitalise on this and launched its Click & Collect Express service which allows customers to collect the items they’ve ordered within an hour.

Since making this change, Click & Collect Express now makes up 10% of all its global orders. Alongside this, they are expanding the range of products only available in-store and growing the number of click and collect points – including partnering with Asda supermarkets to offer additional collection opportunities for customers.

“The pandemic taught us how adapting to evolving customer needs is a permanent challenge but if you do it right, it can also be an incredible opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition to stay ahead of the game.” Charles-Emmanuel Nélis, Head of Digital, Decathlon.

Getting omnichannel ‘right’ is a delicate balance of customer-first focus and business-backed strategy.

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