Worldpack heads into Earth Month with a range of new sustainable products helping retailers to be even greener in store

Hangers and mannequins

We are celebrating Earth Month with Earth Day on the 22nd of April. With all eyes on the planet, how sustainable are the choices you are making? Can you make some smaller swaps to help show your customers you are taking sustainability seriously?

At Worldpack, we are always looking for greener options for our customers and we have come up with a few options that could help you show off your green credentials.

Sustainable Grass Coat Hangers – Grown in Europe

The Grass Hanger has been created with the commitment to develop and produce high quality hangers that work in a circular environment. The grass hangers are made from a bio-based material, which consists of up to 50% grass fibre and 50% recycled Polypropylene recovered from post-industrial or consumer use. A natural waste product is used, and the surplus field grass means there is no competition with animal feed.

Key benefits of the hangers are:

• The grass hangers have a certified CO2 saving of up to 64% compared to regular plastic hangers.

• The grass fibres used in the hangers travel less than 50km from field to production

• Grass hangers can be used 6-8 times before being recycled

The recycling system involved in production uses existing resources so there are no virgin production materials used. Hangers can be kept in the circular economy with the total amount of hangers being produced reducing over time.

The hangers are great for showcasing clothing – and they are great for the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint in store by switching to the grass hanger.

Paper mannequins

Worldpack is now supplying mannequins that come in a variety of shapes, made completely out of paper paste, a material that consists entirely of water and paper.

Torsos, half torsos, dress forms and even whole mannequins are now available. High-end magnetic fittings to attach limbs to the torso and professional accessories mean these mannequins are suitable for any shop window or display. When painted, the mannequins are decorated with water-based paints and the paper mannequins can be customised too. They are handcrafted and offer a smooth, high-quality surface. Plus, because they are made and customised using 100% natural ingredients, they are completely recyclable.

Premium reusable coffee cups

The idea of people carrying their own cup for drinks isn’t new – but even now, there is still a lot of single use plastics being used in disposable cups. The SUP Directive contains a package of measures to reduce the number of disposable plastics in litter and in the plastic soup of the ocean. And more legislation is set to come into place soon.

Multi-use cups for on-the go are the new hit for retailers – and Worldpack has you covered.

We are now offering a premium reusable coffee (to go) cup to our range. Responsibly sourced and manufactured locally, the cups are for hot tea and drinks up to 100°C. They use renewable materials that are required to comply with local country policies against plastic cup use and you get 270 reuses per cup. They are also microwaveable, dishwasher safe, SUP legislation compliant and they are recyclable. The cups come in packs of 50 minimum.

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