Ho Ho Ho

How is your Xmas holiday planning going?

The seasons are finally changing which is why Christmas is on our mind? Yep, you heard that correctly.

To keep well ahead of the buying windows and to ensure you have enough of the stock you need for Xmas, we’re already taking our sunshades off and getting all fuzzy thinking about hot chocolate, cold nights and twinkly lights!

Want us to help you get ready for Xmas?

We are already working on our Christmas GNRF Goods Not For Resale (GNFR) essentials including bags, tissue paper, tape, in-store decorations, festive ribbon, stickers, signage, fairly fairy lights and general GNFR needed for increased footfall. Think cleaning materials, hand gel and tissues for starters.

And if you’re thinking about your own branded packaging, we can help with that too. Our studio team are already on the case, researching trends and colours for the festive season, so they can offer a range of branded options for box bags and ecom packaging including boxes, mailing bags, envelopes and printed inserts.

Plus, we also have our Worldpack Originals range too, that delivers high levels of specification and value.

And if Xmas seems a long way off, here’s a reminder that it’s only 225 days until Santa comes down that chimney!

Book an appointment with your account manager to have those initial chats about stock requirements and fulfilment dates now, so you know you’re way ahead of those frantic festive deadlines. And if you’re looking for some inspiration, ask about how we can help make your branded festive packaging really stand out. With our service with guts ethos, we’d love to help.

Want to get fuzzy with us and feel the Worldpack Christmas magic? Speak to us on +31 88 494 2000, email info@worldpack.eu or speak to your account manager


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