Full steam ahead for Worldpack in 2024

Interview with Jos

Worldpack has seen some significant growth over the past few years and has recently hit the €50 million turnover working with the leading brands in sports and fashion retail. We caught up with Founder and Managing Director Jos Bergen to discuss future plans, Worldpack’s success and his thoughts on the current retail environment.

“Without doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst for the most challenging times for us and our customers, but it also enabled Worldpack as an organisation to pivot and finetune our business model. We have always focused on providing our ‘Service with Guts’ as part of our DNA but in those extremely difficult times, we were able to accelerate our plans and we shifted from a product-driven to a service-orientated business. We acted quickly and focused on what we do best, which is proactively sourcing GNFR products for our customers, making sure there is availability of the right product at the right quality in the right place at the right time.”

It’s something Jos feels passionate about. Having set up the business and consequently having sold it to Bunzl, really listening to customers has been at its core since the start.

He adds: “When I set up the business, it was about listening and getting the right product at the best price. But now in the GNFR space, it’s a more complex set up and that requires specific knowledge and organisation. In the past, the offering has been based on product and price. Today, it is solution and wisdom.

“With our parent company Bunzl, we can offer a lean, efficient process for helping international retailers with stock control, forecasting and cost avoidance through smarter purchasing. We have invested in data and analytics and provide a customer-service centric platform. Our customers know they can trust us so there won’t be any gaps in GNFR stock. With our delivery acumen, we will guarantee that every store will have those vital products whether that is bags, till roll paper, hangers, tissue paper or coffee pods!

“Our team understands retail and our customers know that partnering with Worldpack gives them peace of mind. We believe in service with guts rather than just being box shifters.”

Jos points out that when you are a process driven organisation as many retailers are, there is a real chance of running out of stock. Keeping an eye on the availability of GNFR products is one of those jobs that isn’t high on the list until there is a lack of stock. Worldpack gets over this challenge by really getting to know its customers and offering them service with guts. Jos adds: “The business relationships are based on trust, experience and knowledge.

“We work in a transparent commodity market, which is easy to monitor and benchmark performance and pricing. Some of our clients who are leaders in sports brand and fashion retail have been working with us for almost a decade.

We are extremely proud of our customer longevity. As our customers start to understand the service model and take full use of it, we have seen contracts lengthen as it makes better business sense. Once customers are familiar with the niche and the service level we provide - and how it benefits them – they massively appreciate it. We expect customers to regularly benchmark performance because we know when they do, they will stay with us. We are always actively listening and ensuring our business model is dynamic and evolves around those customer needs.”

Worldpack has also made a significant investment in technology recently and moved to a larger HQ which has a new warehouse where there has been considerable investment in semi-automated solutions. Jos explains: “We could see that we were shipping a larger volume of smaller products so we have invested in a Kardex system, where we can offer a tighter turnaround, picking and shipping a larger range of smaller products. We have also invested in our people, implementing training to upskill our team right across our operation. We have seen this investment pay out as it is connected to our double-digit growth over the past three years. We will continue to invest in the logistics facility – to carry on offering robust, competitive and reliable service in the future.”

Sustainability has also become an increasingly important topic for the company. With the changes in EU legislation, it is a constantly evolving environment and one that Worldpack is keeping abreast of - for all its customers and the wider retail sector. Jos explains that commercial choices customers make will always come first but that GNFR products offer a massive range of touchpoints for sustainable operations including the many delivery logistics involved: sea, air and land freight. Worldpack’s sustainability footprint is top of the agenda along with keeping an eye on costs.

“We understand that customers need to make decisions based on cashflow and commercial acumen. However, we also want to offer them a greener alternative wherever possible. Our relationship with customers is based on the long-term, so we are often involved at procurement stage to find greener, most cost-effective alternatives. Our team is proactive and creative, and we have also developed our own line of Worldpack Originals that have been packed more sustainably too.

Where it can, Worldpack supports sustainable action like its recent donation to the Ocean Cleanup, which was originally a Dutch start-up. Jos emphasises the likeness between the two organisations. “I really love what they are doing. Like us, they are taking action – it’s not just academic and a pat on the back. You can see the difference the organisation makes – it’s a clean-up with guts. There are deadlines with EU legislation coming into force and we are happy to have conversations with customers and others in the industry who are looking into this space, but without being prescriptive. Get in contact with us and see if we can help.”

Jos concludes: “There is real pressure on the on the retail sector and in 2024, we need to partner with all stakeholders to find the best proposition for customers. This year sees the next push in our expansion. We are looking forward to further developing our range of solutions, products and services – guaranteeing that we are the best choice in GNFR for retailers for years to come.”

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Jos Bergen
Managing Director

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