Forget the sunscreen – Worldpack has you covered!

Make your summer last longer by stocking up now on GNFR essentials

Finally, the sun made it. The winter boots and coats have been put away and the smell of sunscreen is hanging in the air. It’s prompted everyone to start thinking about the summer break. But will your holiday finish before it has even started? Will it end abruptly because after a few heavenly weeks off, you are back to earth with a bump because an essential product has run out of stock?

Our team is putting its service with guts ethos into play over the next few weeks speaking to all our customers and prospects about being as well prepared for the summer break as possible. And as importantly, ordering the GNFR essentials that are needed for when everyone returns from holiday.

Joost Willems, sales manager at Worldpack, says: “The last thing anyone wants to come home to is chaos because those essentials that make life easier, didn’t get ordered in time before the summer break. We’re talking everything from bags, back to school labels, sunglasses to go on mannequins, ecom packaging to tissue and toilet paper! When everything is running smoothly, GNFR essentials are the world’s best kept secret but when a store runs out, there’s hell to pay! It’s worth checking your stock and supplies now so there’s time to sort out deliveries before the summer break kicks in.”

Looking for some inspiration? Here are Worldpack’s top 10 items to check supplies of before you don your shades and head for the hills.

  1. Copy paper
  2. Bags
  3. Till rolls
  4. Back to school/Halloween signage
  5. Pop-up displays for point of sale
  6. eCom packaging bags
  7. Ribbon and stickers
  8. Toilet paper
  9. Cleaning products
  10. Disposable foot socks

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Joost Willems

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