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New Sales Manager for Worldpack as part of ambitious growth plans

From the start of February, it’s all change at Worldpack as we have Joost Willems joining the organisation as our new Sales Manager. Joost joins from a sales managerial position at healthcare product specialist CWS Group and will be taking over the role from Gertjan Lansink who has been in post for the past 15 years.

Gertjan is remaining with us but is moving to a new role in Worldpack as Sales Ambassador where he will be proactively engaging with the existing customer base to discuss future challenges and how Worldpack can offer a solution, using his and the company’s significant experience and knowledge to drive operating excellence and portfolio expansion.

Jos Bergen, Founder of and Managing Director of Worldpack, says: “2023 was the first year in a few unhindered by any type of lockdown and it was also Worldpack’s best year yet, culminating in daily service to some 4,000 retail stores and boosting our volume past €50 million in revenue. We have ambitious growth plans in the next few years and are delighted that Joost has been able to join at this stage of our expansion.

“We are also thrilled that Gertjan is continuing to play an active role in the Worldpack family as we know we and our customers have our work cut out – particularly at a time when the retail space is being challenged by geopolitical stress, payments of deferred taxes, refunds of Covid support and where retailers are having to focus on strategies to release working capital, risk mitigation and cost avoidance.”

If you are already working with us, expect a call from Joost and Gertjan soon and if you do want to pick our brains on any of the issues you are facing in the GNFR space, we’d love to hear from you to see if we can help with our service with guts!

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