Who, or what, is your star performer?

Six Nations 2024

The 2nd of February marks the start of the Six Nations – Europe’s elite rugby tournament between France, Italy, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England.

It’s always a hotly anticipated competition and considered one of the highlights of the European rugby calendar.And without a doubt, there will be some star players that emerge from each team. Immanuel Feyi-Waboso has been touted as one to watch for England, and Jack Crowley is expected to shine for Ireland after replacing the retired Jonny Sexton as fly-half.

Meanwhile, Wales are heading to the tournament with a relatively inexperienced, younger squad. How will they fare against teams with more experience, together, under their belts?

There are always star performers in your team, or even star products or services, but it’s important to remember that having a solid foundation is what allows these things, and people, to shine.

How can you take these lessons from Europe’s elite rugby teams forward into your business?


You can’t achieve anything alone. Becoming a star performer, or having a star product or service, isn’t accomplished through the efforts of one person. By working as a team, united on all fronts, you begin to see success and achievements.

You might see the success of the rugby teams on the pitch, but it’s important to remember that their success is only reached through the efforts of the back-office team - the coaching staff, medics, management, catering, sponsors and fans.

And that’s the same with your retail business. Its success isn’t simply down to your marketing team or the salespeople. They might get people to cross the finish line, but there’s a lot of work done by other people before and after that line to make it a success.

Your product development teams, buyers, store managers, shop-floor staff, e-commerce teams, your content writers and your senior management all play a role in building the team effort that results in success.

Prioritise all your teams, and all of your people, if you want to achieve success.

Processes & tactics

Your star performers are only as good as the processes and tactics that they have behind them. Without a solid understanding of how to get there and the methods to use to reach goals, it wouldn’t work.

Out on the pitch this February you won’t see one player doing their own thing. Every player understands their role, their goal and what they need to do to win. And deviation from that could see the whole plan unravel.

It’s the same with your teams. Have you got the right processes and tactics in place to allow your people and products to shine? Are your services slick because everyone understands their role and knows how to do it well? How well does everyone understand other people’s roles?

People can shine, and your brand will shine, when everyone is working from the same playbook. Take a minute to consider if there’s anything that’s happening in your teams that means they end up working against each other, rather than together. This is particularly important when it comes to your omnichannel offering so the customer remains the focus point and gets a consistent experience across all their dealings with your different departments.

Training & practice

Every good team knows that people performance, and team performance, won’t improve without training and practice.

Training camps in the build up to the tournament and regular club training all mean that the players of the Six Nations will enter the competition in the best possible place. They’ll have rehearsed set plays, they’ll have trust in their teammates, and they’ll know how to perform at their best level and keep improving.

What training opportunities do you have in place for your staff to continuously grow and improve their performance? How often do they get to practise new skills or test out new approaches with their team to learn how to shine?

When you prioritise opportunities for learning and growth, excellence will follow.

Leadership & coaching

Leadership and vision isn’t a nice-to-have for the teams on the pitch during the tournament, it’s a must-have. Leadership and coaching provides a common goal for everyone to aim for. Individual performance will vary inside of that, but having a strong leadership team allows for clear direction and unity.

You’ll see it play out on the pitch too. Those teams who are united under strong leadership and coaching, will manage to win despite not having a great game. They’ll be able to strive for the goal, even when things are tough.

Don’t lose sight of how important your leadership and coaching is for your staff, especially during these challenging times within retail. Not every day will be a high-performance day. That’s something that these rugby teams know all too well. But what they also know is that if you provide strong and clear leadership, with consistent coaching, your teams will be able to perform even when the circumstances aren’t ideal.

That’s what you want your leadership to achieve in your business. Make sure your leadership teams are visible, approachable and uniting your teams underneath them. Ensure that there are always plenty of coaching opportunities available to your staff – and that could look like practical, work-related coaching, or emotional support coaching to staff who need help.

Strong leadership promotes strong teams, and in turn, star players, products and services.

Channel the spirit of the Six Nations this year to see success within your teams.

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