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Sustainable Infrastructure

Sustainability is fast becoming the back-bone of every successful business. The ability to drive and lead on change is essential if we are to retain the loyalty and trust of customers and staff who are looking more and more towards businesses to lead the charge for wholescale environmental change.

Since 1988, just 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This knowledge is having a profound impact on consumers, and staff, who want us to do something about it.

Joost Lip, Sustainability Manager Bunzl Nederland, says: “Transparency is really important. We’re not telling customers what to do, but we’re diving in and asking questions so that we can give real answers. Taking that approach, customers rely on us and can become more conscious about the decisions they are making.”

At Bunzl, we are working hard to help shape our business around sustainable infrastructure – ensuring that sustainability sits at the heart of every aspect of our work.

Bunzl Netherlands has five key pillars to its sustainable infrastructure, each providing a roadmap and lifecycle plans so that the nine operating companies within the Netherlands can pick approaches that are important to them and their customers.


It’s important that we are practising what we preach when it comes to sustainable infrastructure. We can’t promote sustainable business to our customers, when we aren’t doing the same.

We work hard internally at Bunzl Netherlands to make sure that our businesses are reducing their impact in as many areas as possible. We’re doing this by training Sustainability Ambassadors across our operating companies, who can act as drivers of our approach and promote sustainable infrastructure internally.

Alongside this, we’re training existing and new staff internally about best practice and products so that they can have an impact on our, and our customers’ businesses. Internal recycling stations, exploring sustainable transport for our business, composting waste and using sustainable lighting options wherever possible are just some of the ways we’re working towards a change for good.

And we’re using our data on waste to help us make better decisions about the things we’re doing internally.


We’re mindful that we have a responsibility for the products that we put into the market, the processes we follow and the impact that they have on the environment.

Making sure that we’re compliant with the latest legislation is a good baseline for this but we want to achieve so much more. Being clear about all the sustainable options, and the impact on the environment that all of our products and processes have, is important.

But as well as transparency and compliance, we’re working hard to continue to evolve the ways in which we can increase sustainability through our product ranges and processes.

For instance, we are reviewing ways in which our customers and/or suppliers can take or send their packaging back to us for recycling or re-use. From early next year, all shipments via DHL will be using its GoGreen worldwide environmental protection programme with the main objective of reducing and avoiding the emission of greenhouse gasses and local air pollutants.

In the Worldpack warehouse, we have invested time and money in new waste collection and separation operations for paper, plastic and general waste, which will be effective from November 2022.

You can read more on some of our sustainable product ranges and about our approach to sustainability inside our warehouses to see how we’re shaping our commitment to sustainability across our business and how we’re able to offer sustainability growth and direction for our customers.


This arm of our sustainability policy is fundamental to making sure we are trusted and relied upon by our customers and by the business world at large.

To ensure that our sustainability agenda is truly working up and down our value chain, we make sure we audit all of our suppliers and manufacturers to a set of stringent sustainability targets. This includes equality, inclusivity, human rights and working conditions as well as their environmental performance.

Transparency is key to enabling a fair grounding for all, which is why we publish our sustainability report every year to ensure accountability and detail progress. This is also part of our commitment to education.

We know that there is more to do to make the business landscape a truly fair one, so it’s important we use our platform to do what we can to educate other businesses, consumers, partners and Governments to play their part.

We run sustainable education events every year for our customers and our staff to teach them what we have learnt from our latest findings on sustainable innovation, circular programmes and tips and tricks to keep levelling the field for business.


Being different is vital to our approach to sustainability. We’re not going to change the world in one day and we can’t do it alone. That’s why it’s important for us to explore every avenue we can to make sustainable change happen.

Collaboration is key to this. Working alongside our suppliers, waste providers, local Governments, schools, universities, charities and organisations we want to show that collaboration is at the centre of successful sustainability infrastructure.

We frequently run tests and pilots to establish what works and what doesn’t. We invest time and money into researching renewable and recyclable resources for both our business and our customers’.

Watch the video to see how we’ve teamed up with King to create toilet paper from used coffee cups through our CupR system. We’ve also linked up with Trees for All to help offset carbon emissions. Every time our customers make a purchase, we plant a tree.

Delivering talks at local schools and universities is also part of our commitment to BeDifferent. Our approach to sustainability goes beyond business.


Research suggests that sustainable development makes people happier. And we are striving to ensure that this remains the experience of everyone who works for us and with us.

90% of our colleagues love their jobs. And sustainability underpins our outlook. Everyone knows the goals that we are striving for and the efforts we are making to make these happen. We provide personal development with our Bunzl Academy and alongside our sustainability goals, we are also giving back to our community through fundraising activities.

For our customers, our sustainability agenda helps to move them away from simply price-based purchasing and allows them to explore how the right products can make a difference to sustainable outcomes. This makes us, and them, very happy.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underpin the happiness of our people, our customers, our society and our planet. For us, taking the lead is a necessity to ensure it stays that way.

Joost continues: “I want Bunzl to be a leader and instantly come to mind when people think about sustainability.”

Sustainability is good for business. Ask us to help you gather speed and strength with your sustainability goals. Email us at online@worldpack.eu or ring us on +31(0) 88 494 20 80.

David Mines
Business Development Director

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