How do you avoid the endless gift boxes?

The Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Retail Worker in Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect presents for your loved ones. It’s always tricky trying to find a gift they’ll truly treasure. What do you get that person who’s tricky to buy for? How do you avoid the endless gift boxes?

These questions can be even more of a challenge when you’re buying for someone who works in retail. They’ve most likely seen it all before.


The Christmas Creep phenomenon has seen retailers kicking off their festive holiday push earlier and earlier. And according to a survey by advertising agency IPA, 44 per cent of people intend to have their Christmas shopping done before Black Friday (26 November), 17 per cent will do it between September and October, and 8 per cent wanted to have Christmas all wrapped up by the end of August.

So it’s likely that the retail workers on your ‘to buy for’ list have been surrounded for weeks, if not months, by all sorts of potential presents, from top tech to the latest gadgets.  
How do you wow someone who already has the keys to the sweetshop? Give them an experience tailored for them which they’ll never forget.  

True escapism

Retail is an industry which attracts a huge variety of people. But to be successful within the industry takes a great deal of resourcefulness, ingenuity and initiative in handling daily tasks. Whether it’s providing customer service, managing a busy retail store, or selling to often tricky customers, those who work within retail have to be creative in the way they approach and solve problems.

Maybe trying an opportunity to put those skills to use during an experience that’s fun, immersive and totally out of this world might fit the bill. Escape rooms combine storytelling, puzzle solving, and a social atmosphere, making a ticket to an escape room experience a perfect choice for those who love a challenge.

There are any number of escape rooms, with any number of themes, to choose from. The Dome Escape Room in Utrecht offers teams the chance to participate in a game which pits them against a virtual criminal cyborg and blurs the line between reality and illusion. It’s previously been voted the best escape room in the world. Those who are resourceful and calm under pressure tend to perform best, and it’s a true escape – in every sense of the word - from the daily grind.

Do good, feel good

As well as being resourceful, those who work in retail are often empathetic and altruistic. The desire to help others goes hand in hand with customer-facing roles, and those who excel in the retail environment know how to put themselves in the shoes of their customers.

Faktum Hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden, allows its guests to pay for a night of experiencing homelessness. There are ten ‘rooms’ located around the city, and chosen with the help of those who have been homeless in the city. You can choose to book to spend a night under the stars in Slottsskogen Park, under one of the city’s bridges, or in the abandoned Mölndal mill. However, most don’t show up after booking a room. The main goal is to raise awareness of homelessness in the city and all proceeds go to a local street newspaper, which provides homeless people with an occupation. A reservation at this unique ‘hotel’ could be the perfect choice for the retail worker in your life with a massive heart and a desire to help.

Aaaand relax

It’s no secret that the world of retail isn't for the work-shy. Irregular and extended shifts, long periods of standing and reduced staffing all contribute to fatigue and stress for retail workers. So who could be more deserving of some much-needed rest and relaxation? In Mill, situated in the Dutch province of Brabant, The Wellness Boat is a spa with a difference. The moored luxury ship boasts covered and open-air swimming pools, several sauna rooms, colour therapy, panoramic and infrared saunas. It also has steam baths, mint baths and whirlpools available, all of which adds up to a unique chance to relax for someone who truly deserves it.

A gift that keeps on giving

And when it’s time to get back to work? Caffeine isn’t always the answer…but it helps! For those who would appreciate a pick-me-up throughout the year, you could consider a coffee subscription box. The Coffeevine offers single-origin coffees from independent roasters, with custom brew guides to help people get the most out of every bean. Perfect for the retail worker in your life who appreciates a great cup of coffee, or for those who just need a bit of a boost!

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