Worldpack’s Sustainability Report 2020

Worldpack promises ‘Sustainability with Guts’ with the launch of its first sustainability report

Worldpack, and its parent company, Bunzl, has sustainability built in to its processes, with energy, waste and water handled with care. We are continually monitoring and reducing our energy consumption, as well as the waste generated by our business.

At the same time, working closely with many different retail partners means we also recognise that sustainability means different things to different people. We are therefore constantly on the look-out for the next green innovation, whether that be in our core range or in customisation options for the customer.

That's why, in 2021, we have produced our first ever sustainability report, which not only gauges our performance over the last 12 months – but will guide our sustainable operation and the improvements we make throughout the coming year.

Sustainability on a global scale

While local changes are easy to implement, like choosing carbon neutral energy providers and recycling wherever possible, we recognise that our responsibility extends beyond our immediate neighbourhood.

Worldpack is fully supportive of the Paris climate agreement and the Dutch government's own climate agreement plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions. We recognise the importance of proactively focusing on CO2 and plastic reduction and we know that, as an SME, we can act in a more agile, dynamic manner than a large corporation and more quickly contribute towards a positive environmental impact.

We have therefore set ourselves a series of ambitious targets. These include only leasing electric vehicles by 2030, reducing our energy consumption from 2021 with a move to more efficient premises, cutting employee air travel by 50% within the next 10 years, and supporting international charities that share our values.

Guided by our stakeholders

At the same time, we acknowledge that, as an SME, we need to consult with our stakeholders if we're to fully understand where we fit in the bigger scheme. That’s why, in 2020, we conducted our first bi-annual stakeholder engagement process. In it, we sought to identify the issues of greatest importance to our suppliers, employees, clients, management and shareholders.

Business ethics, the social accountability of our suppliers, and the health and safety of our personnel each appeared within the top five. Elsewhere, CO2 emissions, ecological accountability and sourcing an end-to-end range of sustainable not-for resale supplies were identified as priorities. These will be among the 21 responsible, sustainable wayposts that we will use to navigate the coming year.

Our clients’ goals are our goals

We take our responsibility for developing and maintaining a sustainable business seriously – from funding beehives to ensuring we only work with ethical suppliers, and from making responsible choices over plastic use to reducing carbon consumption by shortening our supply chains.

Why? Because we know that, as a key supplier across fashion retail, foodstuffs and consumer electronics, we have a duty to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals, too. That's why, through 2021 and beyond, we'll be building on our core promise of Service with Guts, to deliver Sustainability with Guts, too.


You can read Worldpack’s Sustainability Report 2020 here. To discuss your own sustainability benchmarks, and how we can work together to meet them, call your account manager, or email

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