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EuroShop 2023

This year’s EuroShop takes place from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany, and taking centre stage this year is technology and sustainability in retail.

From smart stores and connectivity to sustainability and energy management, Euroshop is set to showcase the most forward-thinking ideas and products that will transform retail experiences, products and places.

We will be heading to EuroShop to catch up with our customers and create new connections with partners, so that we are perfectly placed to support any changes that you’ll be making this year and beyond.

Support behind the scenes

For us, we know that technology is only the beginning when it comes to providing a seamless retail experience. Having established and proven systems behind the scenes that make transitioning to new approaches easy is a priority for any retailer.

And during the last three years, stability behind the scenes has been hard to come by. The transformation of the supply chain, due to the pandemic and other global events, has caused retailers to re-think what it looks like.

And this is where Worldpack can offer some invaluable solutions.

Our new warehouse enables us to carry up to a year’s worth of stock so that our customers are never at risk of running out. Alongside this, we’ve changed our supply chain so that more and more of our stock is sourced in Europe. We’re big on supply chain transparency too, so we’re always able to identify where our stock is in the chain.

This enables us to support retailers with their new supply chain strategies as we have the capacity to stock and store plenty of products – which means seamless supply for you and ultimately happier customers.

Sustainable supplies

If you’ve been reading our insights, you’ll probably know all about our commitment to sustainability and providing products that continue to raise the bar for retailers.

And we have a whole host of sustainable products and supplies that retailers can choose from. But our experience extends beyond simply offering greener products. We’re able to offer insight and guidance to our retail partners on the most sensible sustainable options for them, considering carbon emissions across the supply chain right through to end use once it’s in the hands of the consumer.

This is an important lens for us to be looking through at EuroShop 2023. As you know, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sustainability. Being able to guide our customers on sustainable choices that might look very different to those of their competitors and looking beyond the products themselves, to explore the impact on the wider environment and what happens at end-of-life is part of our Sustainability with Guts mission.

Customer Experience

The experience of your customers in-store, online, on an app or anywhere else you might meet them is a priority for retailers in 2023 and beyond.

We wrote recently about the importance of shopping as an experience and this will be front-and-centre at this year’s EuroShop.

Creating experience shopping requires multi-level thinking and connected systems to ensure the experience is as smooth and immersive for consumers as it can be. And we’re well placed to support these systems with our large warehouse – stocking more and being able to fulfil and despatch orders quickly.

Without a connected partner behind the scenes who understands omnichannel and who can support you through to the final stages of your customer offering, buyers’ experiences can fall flat. Whether it’s in-store supplies that bring their experience to life, or bags that add finesse as they complete the purchasing journey, it’s collaboration that makes a difference. By understanding your aims, we can adapt our offering.

Want to walk with us at EuroShop and see how our insight and experience can help shape your 2023 in-store experience? Speak to our team on +31 (0) 88 494 20 80 or email us at

David Mines
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