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How our bigger warehouse is helping our customers with GNFR & omnichannel

According to Shopify’s Future of Commerce report, 60% of consumers said that fast shipping (same-day or next-day) had a ‘very significant influence’ or “’significant influence’ on their decision to make a purchase.

Speed is everything when it comes to customer satisfaction in 2022.

Fulfilling orders and expediting them is a huge source of pressure on suppliers in the current climate, with COVID-19 still impacting supply chains and the cost of materials increasing due to inflation.

At Worldpack, we want to continue our focus on providing Service with Guts, especially during difficult times because that’s when our customers need it the most.

A winning warehouse

We recently moved into our new warehouse (which you can read all about here) and with double the capacity for stock, it’s helping us to deliver on our motto.

“At Worldpack, we live and breathe sports brands and fashion retail and these industries move quickly,” highlights Worldpack’s Managing Director, Jos Bergen. “Our customers can make last minute decisions that can impact their store operation significantly. Having a state-of-the-art warehouse at our disposal allows us to constantly adapt to the individual requirements of our customers and means that we can assist instantly with almost any operational request our customers may have. You could say, we’ve upgraded to Service with Guts 2.0.”

With many retailers now needing orders fulfilled quicker than ever thanks to the boom in omnichannel, having all of our stock in one place enables us to ensure that delays are minimised and efficiency is maximised.  

“Clearly, the larger, new warehouse enables us to store all our stock items under one roof with plenty of safe and workable operating space. But having three office floors instead of two, also helps to create a more efficient working environment for everybody in the Worldpack team,” says Jos.

“Dispatching a higher volume of daily orders in the quickest way possible is the basic service we want to offer. Developing innovative next steps in our processes for our customers’ store operations is where our key focus lies. Making the daily lives of store managers comfortable and reliable is our main objective and that is where we constantly look for the next best solutions.”

Not only does the new warehouse allow for improved efficiency, but with room for growth and expansion, it allows us to keep up and align with the growth of our customers.

“The new site enables us to perfectly pursue our ambitious growth strategy for years to come with plenty of room for that expansion,” Jos emphasises.

A sustainable strategy

And it’s not just growth in fulfilment that customers can expect from Worldpack but growth in supplying GNFR goods and practices that align with the urgency for sustainability.

“Moving to this brand new facility, our ESG objectives were very important,” Jos explains. “Not only for Worldpack but also for Bunzl. Our environmental, social and governance goals are just as important as the speed and delivery of a quality product to the correct store location anywhere in Europe. The new facility offers us the possibilities to take our ambitions on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to the next level, a target that has a key position on our management agenda.”

Worldpack has been expanding its sustainable GNFR ranges and working hard internally to reduce carbon emissions thanks to the new opportunities the warehouse has presented. You can read more about our latest improvements and sustainable product ranges in our recent blog, but with customers becoming more and more demanding of sustainable practices and products up and down the supply chain, it’s more important than ever that we’re continuing to commit to sustainability.

Service with Guts is what drives our team and what we embrace in all the departments of our company,” reiterates Jos. “We are constantly looking at opportunities to improve the model, keeping a strong eye on our customers’ experiences.”

With further growth planned for our brand store and product ranges, Worldpack is well-placed to support you with your GNFR and omnichannel approach.

If you want to make a positive change, get in touch with our account managers. You can email at online@worldpack.eu or ring us on +31(0) 88 494 20 80.


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