Think big, throw some shapes and make some noise with your window displays

Throw some shapes with Worldpack’s 3D printed mannequins

Are you looking for something that grabs a shopper’s attention and really showcases an outfit in action?

Getting a shopper to see an outfit in action can be the push for them to come into a store. Instead of the same standing pose, how much better does a cycling outfit look on a mannequin cycling? Or a tennis player mid-serve? Or a child playing football?

Worldpack can supply conventionally manufactured mannequins as well as being able to supply more sustainable options such as paper pulp alternatives. Our 3D printed mannequins can be male or female in design and made into extravagant poses, with interchangeable faces and limbs – there is no longer a case for one shape fits all. Our premium mannequin series offers the flexibility and freedom for you to demonstrate the movement in your fabric too, which is something our sports retail clients love.

The mannequins use a model of 3D printing called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), where plastic is pressed out of a nozzle and the desired shape is achieved layer by layer. The system uses very little material and this option is great if you are looking for a smaller quantity of models. It also offers shorter delivery times and we aim to achieve production as close to the final store as possible.

The printed material is resistant to water, chemicals and detergents, and can be moulded and formed multiple times without degradation so is a very good source for recycling. It also has a lower density than other plastics, which saves weight, ultimately lowering transportation costs.

Plus, the material can also have effects applied to it, so the mannequins can be coloured, transparent, semi-transparent or have sprinkle effects.

With our 3D printed mannequins, you have more choice. Now, you can customise your mannequins, so your shop windows are more impactful and really stand out from the competition. So, think big, throw some shapes and make some noise with your window displays.

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Gijs van der Voort
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