Weathering the energy crisis storm together

Energy crisis

It’s no secret that the soaring cost of energy is having a big impact on businesses. A recent major piece of research, carried out by npower, found that 77% of organisations say energy is now their biggest business risk.  

But while no organisation is impervious to the crisis, at Worldpack, we have robust strategies in place to enable us to weather the storm and to absorb the force of these price increases to protect our customers.


Safety in numbers

A newly published Cornwall Insight Report found that size matters when it comes to rising to the challenges presented by the energy crisis. The report says: “The challenging gas supply situation and record-high electricity prices are putting considerable pressures on the GB economy as we enter winter 2022-23… Whilst no business will remain immune to these energy price increases, impacts will be felt to differing extents; key factors influencing this variation will include the sector, size and geographic location of a company.”

With our parent company Bunzl, we’re a member of the largest value-added distributor in the world in our market sectors. Being part of a large purchasing power group gives us an international, assured and accredited supplier network and we work hard to maintain a great relationship with our suppliers. The scale of our purchasing means that we can leverage our spend, negotiating some the best possible prices and mitigating the full impact of utility cost volatility that affects the items and services which we offer our customers.

Scanning the horizon

But we are far from complacent, and we know that tough times are set to continue. McKinsey is predicting that the situation is likely to be prolonged, with futures markets pricing European gas at twice or three times their 2021 levels for at least the next three years. That’s why understanding and managing unpredictable energy prices, and the risks that come with these, has become a priority for us.
With this in mind, we’re investing in technology and processes to protect and enhance our operational efficiency, both for now and for the future. With double the previous capacity for stock, our new warehouse (which you can read all about here) enables us to have all of our stock in one place, maximising on efficiency and allowing us to dispatch the highest volume of daily orders in the quickest way possible.

We have also invested time and money in new waste collection and separation operations for paper, plastic and general waste, which will be effective from November 2022. Big strides have also been made in improving our internal logistics. Measures such as bigger containers in our warehouses mean fewer journeys to locate stock and fulfil orders.

Sustainability with Guts

According to research by ING, a firm’s resilience to soaring energy prices is dependent on its ability to use energy-efficient production processes. At Worldpack, we have sustainability built into our processes, with energy, waste and water handled with care. We are continually monitoring and reducing our energy consumption, as well as the waste generated by our business. This drive to become greener has been a long-standing goal of ours, and we’re redoubling our efforts to ensure that we can thrive despite the ongoing energy crisis.

In 2021 we produced our first ever Sustainability Report, which continues to guide our operations and the improvements we make. We know that embracing sustainable solutions is critical and by continuing to put ‘Sustainability with Guts’ at the heart of our operations and infrastructure we are working to reduce our business costs, as well as our carbon footprint. As Simon Kew, Managing Director of Alchemie Technology, writes: “Reducing energy consumption is the obvious answer (to energy price increases), along with more sustainable approaches. It’s the best solution for the environment, but it’s also good for the bottom line and is key to long term business survival during these turbulent times.”
We will continue to seek out innovative ways in which to mitigate the challenges of the energy crisis, whether that’s by keeping a close eye on sustainable retail trends or working hard to reduce carbon emissions thanks to the new opportunities the new warehouse has presented.

At Worldpack, we remain committed to our focus on providing Service with Guts. It’s during difficult times that our customers need it the most. Let’s weather the storm together.

Find out how we can help you survive and thrive as the energy crisis bites. You can email our account managers at or ring us on +31(0) 88 494 20 80.

David Mines
Business Development Director

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