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Lessons from UEFA Euro 2024

The start of the UEFA Euro 2024 European Football Championship on the 14th of June is a reminder of the power of sport to bring people together.

Teams from across Europe will descend on this year’s host country, Germany, for one month of thrilling games, supported by thousands of fans that will throng venues and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

As retailers, we have a powerful role to play in bringing people together across Europe, and the world, to celebrate differences, similarities, and encourage collaboration during challenging times.

Here’s how you can take a Euro 2024 approach to your retail strategy this year.  


Football is nothing without the players that make up the teams. While there may be a few standout players from each team, or a successful striker who sets records, they aren’t able to achieve that without their teammates to pass them the ball or get them into great positions.

Without your retail team, and that’s everyone from staff on the shop floor and your cleaning workforce, to warehouse and marketing teams, there would be limited success.

Organisational psychologist David Burkus says that successful teams have these three things in common:

  • Intellectual diversity
  • Psychological safety
  • A purpose worth fighting for

Getting the best out of your teams requires unity and cohesion, supporting each other, and lifting each other up to get the best results. Focussing on how you can continuously encourage your teams to come together, set aside personal differences, and work towards a shared objective will ensure the best possible outcomes for your brand.

If you need some tips on how to create a successful team, read our blog on diversity and inclusion in retail.


Embrace differences

The Euros bring together teams from across Europe. Each of these teams, and their supporters, brings a wide array of cultures, languages, and backgrounds which adds to the electric atmosphere at games.

Think about the sea of orange that descends on stadiums when The Netherlands play a match or the massive ‘Ole!’ when the trumpet plays during France’s appearances. This eclectic mix of fans and players allows for an immersion in other cultures and fosters an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity.

We’ve written recently about the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in-store, and the Euros is the perfect example of bringing this to life. Incorporating influences from other cultures and communities in your brand is a fantastic platform for inclusion, allowing people to feel seen and heard.

Fans will be able to experience different cities across Germany during the tournament,

experiencing local customs, traditions, and hospitality. These experiences help to break down cultural barriers and promote unity among European nations. Bringing localisation to your brand is a great way to embrace differences.


Build great relationships

The Euros encourage us to think about the millions of people who we don’t see or think about on a day-to-day basis.

But there is huge value in bringing your brand to people around the world. The Euros bring football to millions of fans every four years - and create generations of new fans every time the tournament comes around.

We work with retailers and suppliers across Europe and beyond, investing in relationships that continuously evolve. These relationships bring benefits to everyone involved – from endorsing ethical supply chains and supporting local businesses, to supporting retail brands to meet their environmental and growth targets.  

Without these mutual relationships, our shared goals would be harder to achieve. Investing in great relationships has the power to change lives and achieve goals that would be much harder alone.

The 2024 Euros are a powerful testament to the strength of teamwork and the beauty of cultural diversity. When different individuals and cultures come together, change is possible. And without change, our positive impact is limited.


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